Stud.io Custom Pack Installer Tool V2

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Stud.io Custom Pack Installer Tool V2

9 ratings


The Installer is included in the SidoPak download

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❗❗❗ The following items are currently only available for Windows ❗❗❗
If you know any Mac developers who can help me code a Mac installer, please reach out to me

Stud.io Custom Pack Installer Tool V2

Step 1.)  Extract your custom parts pack to its own folder

Step 2.)  Place "Stud.io Custom Pack Installer Tool V2", into that folder with the "Collider, Connectivity, and Parts" folders.

Step 3.) Run the installer.

Step 4.) Restart Stud.io if you had it open. Please see the second image for where you can find custom parts.
❗ If you do not see them in Stud.io, check the "CustomParts" tab, you may see "Master". Please see second image for a screenshot

Stud.io Parts Pack Uninstaller

This tool removes only parts from a pack you put the uninstaller into. For example, if you uninstall the BioPack, it will not delete any parts from other packs.

Step 1.) Close Stud.io

Step 2.)  Extract your custom parts pack to its own folder

Step 3.) Place "Stud.io Parts Pack Uninstaller", into the extracted pack folder

Step 4.) Run the uninstaller.
NOTE: Running the uninstaller inside "AppData\Local\Stud.io\CustomParts" will delete all your custom parts. Run the uninstaller inside a custom parts pack folder, like the BioPack

CustomParts Backup Creator

Run the file and it will make a .zip backup of your custom parts. The .zip file will be made inside the CustomParts folder, "AppData\Local\Stud.io\CustomParts". It will backup the entire CustomParts folder.

The Backup creator can be run from any location.

I want this!

Stud.io Tools for Windows


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